I want to start train Aikido..

Best idea ever!

If you want to start training with us you just need to show at any of our training.  You can start any time of year. There is no better time than now! First three sessions are completely free. To make it even more interesting, we will buy a beer all beginners after their first training.

What do I need?

If you want to try Aikido you need only comfortable training clothes. Just for information, let us add that there is a standard training uniform in Aikido (and most of the other eastern martial arts) called (Gi). It consists of kimono, trousers and belt (later even Hakama). On you first trainings you don’t need to bother with it. All you need for now is a  jogging suit and good mood.

How much it will cost?

As we mentioned before, first couple of trainings are free. When you decide to train with us, there are three options to pay for trainings. You can pay 150 CZK for each training separately, or pay for all trainings in given month for 850CZK. But the best way is to pay 4000 CZK all trainings in given six months.
The next investment will probably be a Gi (training uniform), it costs about 1000 CZK. If you have a Gi from Judo (or other similar sport) you can train in it. Don’t worry, we can help you with buying your Gi. This investment is sufficient for quite some time, however, the last step is to get a training weapons. These cost about 1000 CZK as well.
The exact times of trainings can be found here.

Aikido club in Prague