Pictures from training under Matsuba Sensei 6th dan Aikido

We had an opportunity to train under supervision of Sensei Matsuba Kunimasa 6th dan Aikdo (homepage) last month. Sensei is well-known swordsmith which holds many prestigious awards; he is a hodler of “mukansa” (“without judgement”) title. Holders of this title are no longer allowed to enter competitions, their work is exhibited without judge commentary. It is hard to imagine higher level of appreciation.

Sensei is practising Jiki Shinkage Ryu and Tameshigiri besides swordsmithing. This illustrates his interest in Japanese sword from all points of view. From purely aesthetic approach to practical one. Sensei introduced us to some of these aspects in his talk about sword making which was held in Dobra Čajovna at Vaclav square before training.

Training consisted of few less complicated techniques, however the focus was on relaxation and proper execution of technique. This is where Sensei’s requirement of ten students at trainng at maximum (quite unexpected from our side) cami in play. Sensei checked execution of techniques personally. He was playing Uke’s role for each single one of us until he managed to show us a way to improve. Respect!

What is left to do? Show pictures and say big thank you for excelent training! Special thank belong to Jakub Zeman for his educated translation from Japanese.